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Custom Ride with Custom Housing

Power Cordz - Thursday, July 21, 2016

We found this custom ride over at Endurance Boise. It belongs to the shop owner and head coach of the BYRDS, who we are proud to sponsor. It is a fully custom Focus Mares CX which has been built to be a 4 season shredding machine. It has Shimano Ultegra mechanical shifting and hydraulic brakes. The guys over at Endurance also modified 2 sets of Shimano M8000 XT wheels to fit an 11 speed road cassette. Today they had the road wheels on it with 28mm wide tires which inflate oh so nicely with the wide, 29er rims, but this bike also has a second set of wheels with 38mm tire which make it the ultimate gravel and trail bike.

To finish it off, they used Swift housing, in the BYRDS livery, of course, and Yellow Cordz. While this frame has cable stops in it, the beauty of Swift is that you can still run a full length liner for maximum protection in the nastiest conditions. The only downside is we haven't figured to put Power Cordz on hydraulic brakes, yet...

Derailleur Cables the Way Forward

Tony Dupont - Thursday, April 23, 2015

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Exciting Findings of Ridership Study

Tony Dupont - Thursday, April 02, 2015

For more information on how you can achieve quality contribution to your local and global community health building initiatives through reliable biking consumption behavior visit

For full report about findings visit


Future Bike Roundup No. 1

iO DuPont - Sunday, May 06, 2012

We just came across the photo below, from the February Paralympic Cycling World Championships in LA (via Bike Hugger), and are inaugurating a new blog series with it: The #FutureBike Roundup. In this space we will highlight the most cutting edge innovations in cycling technology. Obviously we are interested in futuristic bike materials here at Power Cordz, and this prosthetic leg, designed for a cyclist, is just the type of thing to kick off this blog series.

paralympic Ireland 

Hi-tech prosthetics are nothing new in the cycling world. Here is another version, with a dynamic, tension loaded pedal-foot interface, via Fast Company.

From Channel 4 in London, an interview with Chris Furber, head coach of the British paracycling team on the interface between bike, rider and prosthetic limb.

The New York Times recently profiled Cuban cyclist, Damian Lopez Alfonso, who is going to London for the 2012 Paralympic Games in August. Lopez Alfonso developed his own handlebar setup while training in Cuba, and used it as a fallback, when his state-of-the-art ride failed him in Guadalajara. 

Please leave us more links to #FutureBike paracycling innovations in the comments, on our Facebook page, via Twitter or at Google Plus.