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The World's Lightest & Strongest Bicycle Cables.

The Concept

Non-Corrosive, smooth, & responsive fingertip control means Power Cordz™ outperform steel cables in accuracy and durability for a superior shifting and braking experience. Our synthetic fiber control cords are designed to outperform steel cables in weight, accuracy and durability. In racing, efficiency is essential and each extra gram weighs against you. Power Cordz™ reduce cable weight by over 75% cutting approx 45-60g from your machine. Not bad considering they're bicycle cables!

The Company

From our workshop in Boise, Idaho, Io Products harnesses high-tech materials and innovative technologies to build your next bike. After years of debate and speculation about synthetic fiber control cables, founder Tony DuPont built a set in his garage in 2004 and Power Cordz were born. Power Cordz have been sold internationally since 2005 and are available through distributors that reach every major cycling market in the world.

The Team

The Power Cordz Team is devoted to making the best cycling products in the world. We work to outperform every traditional cable and housing system in weight, performance, and longevity. As cycling addicts, we ride and race what we build everyday. 

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