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Choosing Derailleur Cordz™

   To ensure compatibility with all systems, 1.5mm Derailleur Cordz™ are no longer an option. As a general rule, we recommend using 1.2mm Cordz™ for mountain bikes and for road bikes. Please look below for components that require special consideration.

Choosing Brake Cordz™

   Choosing Brake Cordz™ is pretty simple. Road Cordz™ for road bikes and Mountain Cordz™ for mountain bikes. Please check below for components that require special consideration.

Choosing Cordz Liner

   The Nokon-compatible liner is specially designed to guide Power Cordz through areas that might otherwise have abrasive or corrosive materials that will place the structural integrity of the Cordz jacket at risk. We recommend using Nokon-compatible liner when using Power Cordz with Nokon housing.

Special Considerations

   NOTE on BRAKES: Power Cordz work well with most component manufacturers brakes, such as the entire Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo component groups. However, new brakes come on the market frequently and new innovation modifies both the design and dimension of components each year. We are currently compiling a non exhaustive list of approved and non-approved brake components that are compatible with Power Cordz. See below for our current list. Rule of thumb: you want to be able to use our tie off methods described in our install videos.

   If you are concerned your brake set will not be compatible, we recommend you contact us by email at support@powercordz.com to check if your component brake set is compatible with Power Cordz.


Campagnolo Shifters 

   The Cord works well with Campy components. All housing should be terminated with a ferrule. Standard ferrule outside diameter (OD) is 5.6mm. Our ferrules are standard. Newest components from Campy may have an integrated ferrule or the shifter body allowing only the use of 4mm and 4.1mm housing. Therefore with Campy shifters, we recommend a set of PowerCordz with your existing housing, or replace your old housing with our 4mm derailleur systems. You can also get our standard 4mm housing by itself in the accessories page. Our Prime Ultralight housing comes in 5mm only and will not fit without a 5 to 4mm adapter.

Cyclocross, Cantilever Style Brakes

   At this time, we cannot guarantee a safe connection to this style of brake and so we do not recommend them for Power Cordz™.

M-5 Brakes

   M-5 brakes use a set-screw tie-off that is not compatible with Power Cordz™.

SWIFT™ Beaded housing

   Designed with PowerCordz in mind, the Swift housing is compatible with all Groupos accepting 5mm outside diameter (OD) housing, allowing you to build the perfect systems matching your bike. It is great for steel cable reaching an unprecedented low friction level and allowing for all your customization/routing needs. It does not require a ferrule for installation.

Mini i-Link Beaded Housing

   While Power Cordz™ are great with Alligator’s regular i-Link beaded housing, the inner diameter of the mini i-Link is too small to be compatible. Some riders have used Mini i-Link beaded housing without inner liners and found a good fit. However, without an appropriate inner liner, there is a significant risk of friction between the Cordz jacket and rough inner surface of the Mini i-Link housing.

Nokon Beaded Housing

   Nokon is a great beaded housing and with Power Cordz™ can be a tremendous system. If you plan on using Nokon , you will need to include our Nokon-compatible liner in your order as; the stock Nokon liner has too narrow an inner diameter for your Cordz™ to function properly.

SRAM Red, Rival, and Force

   Use 1.2mm Derailleur Cordz™ with these SRAM model shifters.  Our nosed ferrules offer a protection against sharp edges, if you think you may have a problem there. If you are confident that the track is smooth, remove the nose off the ferrule for less potential friction. 2012 and 2013 SRAM Red shifter body bore acts like an integrated ferrule and our 5mm Prime housing will not fit in. We recommend that you use our 4mm derailleur system with these groups.

Ciamillo Brakes

   All pre-2010 model Ciamillo brakes (excluding cyclocross versions) are compatible with Power Cordz when used with the Zero Gravity Clasp. Unfortunately, all 2010 and newer versions are not compatible due to a design change to the tie-off mechanism.


EECycleWorks Brakes

   PowerCordz will work with EECycleWorks brakes but the tie off will be a bit tight as of the 2017 model.