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Q. What is the difference between the 4mm & 5mm housings and the 1.2mm & 1.5mm Derailleur Cordz?

A. 4 and 5mm housings are the original specs for PowerCordz housing, respectively for derailleur and brake. The newest Prime housing is made of Aluminum and Steel, for a weight of 24 grs/m. Its diameter is 5mm for brakes and derailleurs.The 1.2 mm cord with the 4mm housing is an industry standard size that is universally compatible between all shifting setups. 1.2mm with 5mm housing is compatible with most systems (see our Compatibility page)

Q. What is the difference between a "set" & a "system"?

A. A Power Cordz System includes the cords, housing, ferrules, etc. A Power Cordz Set includes only the cords and is meant replace your cords or for use with your existing housing.

Q. How do I deal with the loose fibers at the end of the cords that are making it hard to feed it through the housing or inlet hole on my brake or shifting pods?

A. Before starting to thread the cord through your housing, use a very sharp blade or scissors to cut the cord end at a 45° angle with no fibers protruding. The fibers are very resistant to cutting so, use the sharpest blade you have available. We have found an X-acto® type knife to work the best. This should permit the cord to thread easily through any type of housing.

Q: Is there a liner inside your housing?

A: There is a fluorinated polymer liner inside Power Cordz housing, with lube.

Q:What should I use to cut Power Cordz housing?

A:The tools we recommend are:
1) Cable cutters designed to cut bike housing. This is our first choice, highly recommended for the steel housing. The Prime housing is easier to cut than the steel housing.
2) Rotary tool with a thin cutting wheel. This may melt the liners. If this happens, be sure to clean out any material that could hinder shifting.
3) Standard wire / cable cutters. Cable cutters can be a bit destructive because they can crimp the end of the housing. If you go this route just re-shape the housing before putting on the ferrules.

Q: Do you make tandem length Power Cordz?

A.We can make tandem length Cordz on special order only. Please contact sales@powercordz.com with inquiries. 

Q: Can Power Cordz be used with a pulley or to make tight bends?

A. Yes. The fibers themselves are extremely flexible ? totally different than steel cables. Power Cordz will make bends far tighter than a traditional cable can. If you are using Power Cordz on a pulley, check the pulley carefully for sharp edges. Using a liner can help.

Q: Do you offer special pricing for professional racers?

A. Please check our sponsorship page for more information on how to apply for discounts as a professional rider.

Q: Can I use Power Cordz with the cantilever-style (center-pull) brakes on my Cyclocross bike?

A. Power Cordz are not compatible with Cantilever-style (center-pull) brakes.

Q: Will the housing supplied with Power Cordz systems run full length?

A. The length of our housing is 2 meters long. If you need an extension, you can get an extension using our XL option. Also our accessories page allow you to customize your order (http://www.powercordz.com/accessories)