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Upgrade your shifting or braking system with Power Cordz compressionless, reinforced housing. The housing begins with a polished interior liner. It's then fortified with stainless steel strands, wrapped in a kevlar weave, and extruded into a outer coating that resists wear and tear and keeps out corrosive substances.


Choose between our 5mm Brake Housing or our 4mm Derailleur Housing.


Included are our high-grade, alloy ferrules and grommet clasps that protect and resist wear on the housing and your cable.



5mm Power Cordz Classic Housing weighs in at 33 grams per meter.

4mm Power Cordz Classic Housing weighs in at 31 grams per meter.


Package Includes:

1 ea - 2.0m of Power Cordz Classic Housing

8 ea - 5 mm or 4 mm Ferrules

1 ea - Sticker

Classic Housing

Housing Diameter