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Power Cordz™ brings you the high-performing, complete Standard 1.2mm Derailleur system.

Now shipping in every system with our Cordz and housing are our new grommet clasps and nosed ferrules, designed for ease of installation and maximum Cord protection. 





5mm Power Cordz Classic Housing weighs in at 33 grams per meter.

4mm Power Cordz Classic Housing weighs in at 31 grams per meter.



Slick nylon jacket reduces friction, corrosion and fraying.

Weight: 1.5g/m - An uncut 2m derailleur cord weighs less than 3g 

Diameter/Length: 1.2mm x 2.2m


Package Includes:

1 ea - 2.0 m of Power Cordz Classic Housing

2 ea - 1.2mm Derailleur Cordz

8 ea - 5 mm/4 mm Ferrules

1 ea - Sticker


Derailleur Cordz System with Classic Housing

Housing Colors
Cordz Colors