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Per cable replacement for your MTB Brake Cordz set or System.


Power Cordz™ are the lightest control cable option on the market! Our synthetic fiber cables are the option for elite cyclists around the world.


Industry standard 1.7mm Brake Cordz are compatible with all shifter types and work with 5mm and wider housing diameters. 


Our cables are far superior to the cheap steel cables spec’d on even the most high-end bikes. We've considered weight savings, durability, and control to build a cable that every bicycle deserves.




  • 1.7mm MTB Brake Cordz
  • Sticker




Please check our compatibility page.

MTB Brake Cordz Replacement Cable

Cordz Colors
  • Weight: 2.5g/m - A 2m cord weighs 5g (a steel cable is 24g).

    Diameter/Length: 1.7mm x 2.0