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AVAILABLE 2018 - Power Cordz Steel are the lightest steel cable option on the market! Industry standard 1.5mm Road Brake Cordz are compatible with most brake types and work with 5mm housing diameters. 



Power Cordz™ Prime: 1.5mm Road Brake

The Prime Road Brake System integrates perfectly with the majority of brake models made by major component manufacturers (SRAM, Shimano, Campagnolo, MicroShift). We sweat the small details and include everything you need to upgrade your road bike properly.

The Power Cordz Prime System incorporates our proven Prime Steel Road Brake Cordz with our ultralight, reinforced housing that you won't find spec'd on a stock bike no matter how expensive. Included are our high-grade, alloy ferrules that protect and resist wear.

For maximum feel, the housing is created using a unique mold to widen the inside diameter. A specially formulated liner is integrated into each section of Prime housing to protect the Cord and reduce friction.


The bottom line - The Prime Steel System is far superior to the cheap cables & housing supplied on even the most high-end of road bikes. Think weight savings, durability, and increased control.




Steel Cordz: Prime Steel Road Brake Cordz. 31 strand, with a state of the art, eco-friendly polish for perfect modulation and ultimate durability.

Weight: 23 g

Diameter/Length: 1.5mm x 1.7m

Seriously Light! Pre-Lubed Prime Housing

Weight: 24g/m 

Diameter/Length: 5mm / 2m


Package Includes: 

2 ea - 1.5mm Road Brake Cordz
1 ea - Pre-lubed 5mm housing - 2m length
8 ea - Ferrules 
1 ea - Instruction sheet & sticker




 Power Cordz Steel cables will work with virtually any standard bike brake set up.

Prime Steel Road Brake System with Prime Housing

Housing Colors