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AVAILABLE 2018- Lightweight, industry standard, 1.1mm Slick Steel Derailleur Cordz are compatible with most brake types and work with 5mm housing diameters. 



Power Cordz™ Slick Steel: 1.1mm Derailleur Cable

The Slick Steel Derailleur Set integrates perfectly with the majority of shifter/derailleur models made by major component manufacturers (SRAM, Shimano, Campagnolo, MicroShift).

Sets are recommended for those who already have clean, high performing housing. 




Steel Cordz: Slick Steel Derailleur Cordz. 31 strand, smooth coating for a great feel and high durability.

Weight: 16 g per cable

Diameter/Length: 1.1mm x 2m

Package Includes: 

2 ea - 1.1mm Slick Steel Derailleur Cordz
2 ea - End Caps
1 ea - Sticker



Power Cordz Steel cables will work with virtually any standard bike shifter/derailleur set up.

Slick Steel Derailleur Set