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The SWIFT™ Housing is a beaded housing made of light weight aluminum and anodized beads,  around a pre-lubed liner, with specific end-segments included.

You choose between lengths according to your project. The beads come uninstalled so you will build the housing exactly as you see fit for your bike.

The SWIFT™ Housing comes with low radius capability, small diameter fitting most systems, no need for ferrules, light weight and high performance abilities, running with PowerCordz™ or any other cable on the market, for a fantastic feel!

It is also a low cost-high performance solution, as you can reuse your beads from one bike project to another, just replacing the internal liner. Check the Swift Instructions PDF file.


Weight: 27g/m (beads and liner)

The beads (Housing) diameter = 5mm


1 - SWIFT Housing Bead Pack

SWIFT Bead Packs

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