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Over 75% Lighter Than Steel Cables.
Non-Corrosive, smooth, & responsive fingertip control means Power Cordz™ outperform steel cables in accuracy and durability for a superior shifting and braking experience.


The Concept

Once set up Power Cordz™ do not stretch out or require re-adjustment. Your bike will perform as expected time and again. Our synthetic fiber nylon coated cord material is not steel and will not rust or corrode. So go out and get dirty, they can handle it!

Power Cordz™ utilize a synthetic fiber called Zylon HM or PBO. It's stronger than steel and twice as strong as Kevlar. PBO is a rigid-rod isotropic crystal polymer that has superior tensile strength and modulus of elasticity. Simply stated - Zylon is very stiff and strong. A slick nylon protective coating encases around 10,000 PBO fibers.

The cord is bonded to a high quality anodized anchor. The bond has a breaking strength of over 600lbs which is the same as steel at 25% the weight.

Lightweight, Ultra Strong

Ultimate Durability

Built With Superior Technology